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The Legendary Plant that is Saving the World

Health for Mind, Body & Soul

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G.M.P Laboratory

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Oil Refinery

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In House Genetics & Seed Production

“Our primary focus is to research and develop
innovative cannabis extracts that assist us in balancing the human endocannabinoid system while striving to make them available worldwide.”

“We are dedicated to producing the finest and purest quality CBD oil products while never compromising on quality.”

Health for Mind, Body & Soul


Push cap technology – The latest innovation in fitness hydration with powerful, fresh ingredients in every cap

“With university and laboratory studies, done by a highly recognized establishment to accredit the beneficial advantages of the cannabinoid delivery system, this product stands to be a benchmark and pioneer in the conjunction of cannabinoid delivery and wellness.”

“A wholesale range of oils available.”
“Clients ranging from drug store chains, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics stores, lifestyle stores to other companies wanting to white label for
their own brand.”

  • Gmp Lab and Extraction Facility
  • In House Genetics and Seed Production
  • GMP Facility located in Portugal and Thailand with EU Narcotic License
  • Expertise in GMP Certification
  • Colaboration with Governments and Pharmaceutical Companies

Müse Sites

Check for our Production Site


“CBD has exploded in popularity over the past few years, thanks to its wide-ranging medical benefits and absence of psychoactive effects.”

“Indeed, the global CBD oil market accounts for the major share of the
global legal cannabis industry, which is the parent market for the CBD oil segment”

The Legendary Plant that is Saving the World

Health for Mind, Body & Soul